Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Inn + Keeper

I am an Innkeeper. I keep an Inn. I am keeping the Inn. I am inn-keeping. I am keeping the Inn for our guests, our children, ourselves, our town. I keep an Inn and in return the Inn keeps us. This often goes through my mind as I clean and do the daily jobs that are my new life. Somehow taking care of Nestledown does not feel like drudgery, but rather a privilege. There is a freedom also in the work of maintaining your own business with an interesting blur of everyday life and responsibility. I like it. I like what Ken and I have built and now what we do together for our livelihood.

Aren't we all keepers, taking care of what we have been given? I think so!

the action of owning maintaining, or protection something.
care, charge, guardianship, observance, preservation, protection, safekeeping

 The Inn is kept and ready for you, always. It is what we do and we are grateful.