Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Boarders on the Bikepath

Here they are again, Father and Son skate boarders. I saw them last fall traveling Marquette's bike path together. It was a moment, a sweet moment when I overheard a little boy say to his Dad "this is really far, how much longer Dad", and then he spotted the playground at Mattson Lower Harbor park and  called to his Dad "there it is, we're here".  His Dad said to him "I knew you could do it." There's the sweet. I melted hearing those encouraging words.

I am not sure where their home is or how far they traveled, but from Nestledown it is a mile and a half to the park. Moving a razor along is a lot of work for a little guy, his Dad obviously a pro. I was glad to see these two again this spring and asked to take their photo.

The bike path is great, it gives us a place to move, be with others, breath fresh Lake air and if your lucky catch the sweet sound of encouragement.